US Complains about Mixed Signals from the Ma Administration on Arms Purchases

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Thursday June 28, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

In the category of so what else is new, US Congressmen are complaining about mixed signals from the Ma administration as to whether it wants upgrades to its air force; what kind of upgrades, etc. etc. Well, welcome to the real world of Ma Ying-jeou who has consistently tried to keep his feet in two (or shall we say three or more) boats of pleasing China, claiming to support arms upgrades to defend Taiwan, being hot and cold to the US and Japan, and keeping Taiwanese guessing as to what his real thoughts are on desiring re-unification with China.

Way back in 2005 when Ma first stepped in as Chairman of the KMT, he said he was all for supporting arms developments from the USA and then for the next three years the KMT voted againsgt such because the DPP was in power at the time.

Just when it seems like something will be moving on the arms upgrades that Taiwan needs, the Ma administration changes its position; it is one of the greatest stalling techniques ever witnessed. And now after blocking arms from the USA for three years when the DPP held the presidency and would get credit for it, Taiwan now finds itself four plus years into the Ma presidency and a still KMT controlled Legislative Yuan, but there has been no progress.

Seven years of mixed signals and false promises does not bode well for the remaining 3 and a half years of Ma's presidency. But that is Ma; perhaps someone in Wash. DC will finally realize that they backed the wrong horse.