Lin Yi-shih Brings More Shame to the Ma Administration in Taiwan

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Thursday July 05, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

It is time for Taiwanese to do what was important in the Watergate scandal in the USA; it is time to do basically what Deep Throat recommended. "Follow the money." Lin Yi-shih was accused of taking bribes; he denied it; then in two days he reversed that and admitted guilt. The obvious question is why would a KMT person all of a sudden do a 180 degree turn and admit to what will bring him a prison term.

The first clue; there are tapes that reveal that Lin was not only collecting money for himself, but also for others. Yes, this is going deeper into the administration of Ma Ying-jeou (called the phony pony by some)and it looks like damage control is going into full drive.

People were surprised to find that in Watergate, the approval for the illegal break in went all the way to the top and so brought down Richard Nixon. In this case, there is certainly more here than meets the eye; and the obvious question is how far does it go? i.e. is another one of the recipients of the bribes that Lin was pushing for and accepting, the "phony pony" himself??

As Deep Throat said, follow the money and certainly there has been enough of it floating around the KMT halls for some time. And this is where Lin's admission of guilt may be an effort to curtail further investigation. Hopefully Taiwan prosecutors will not be forestalled. Stay tuned.