Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Taiwan related photos

Ing-Wen Tsai
President 2016-present

Ying-jeou Ma
President 2008-2016

Chen Shui-bian
President 2000-2008

Teng-hui Lee
President 1988-2000

Yung-Chuan Tseng
Secretary General of the KMT 2012-2014

Wen-Je Ko
Mayor of Taipei 2014-present

Wu Den-yih
former Mayor of Kaohsiung and Vice-Preisent, New KMT Chairperson

Su Tseng-chang
former ROC Premier and DPP Chairperson

Ang Lee
Taiwanese film director

Bi-khim Hsiao
DPP Legislator 2012-present

Su Beng
respected, long-time Taiwanese Democracy Activist

Speaking to Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society

Su Beng
Swapping Books before his 100th Birthday.

Presenting "Taiwan Mountain Flower" painting by Monika Keating to Kolas Yotaka, spokesperson Executive Yuan.