Like 6-3-3 and Other Ma Promises That US Beef Issue Will Just Not Go Away.

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Wednesday June 27, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

According to US Senator Chuck Grassley from Iowa, Ma promised (via Jason Yuan) that once he got re-elected, he would take care of the beef issue once and for all for the US beef industry. And as everyone remembers the day after his re-election back in January of this year, Ray Burghardt of AIT showed up at Taiwan's doorstep expecting the goods to be delivered.

Well it looks like the USA is beginning to find out, as Taiwanese have known, that Ma makes promises as standard fare; but keeping them, that is another matter. For Taiwanese, they let him get away with just making new promises, but the USA has a different view on this. If you make a promise, you keep it. So the USA helped Ma get re-elected and then... and then...

Ma has the majority in the Legislative Yuan, but even his own KMT people won't help him on this one. They could break the opposition delays if they want, but no one wants to take responsibility for passing the beef issue, even some of the KMT. Stay tuned, this one is something that Ma will have to take responsibility for and not shift it off to others.