Taiwan's Dignity Takes Another Hit, as Ma Brags About His Flexible Diplomacy I

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Thursday August 25, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

The Taiwanese film "Seediq Bale" will be showing in the coming 68th Venice International Film Festival. And China has immediately insisted that the entry again be listed as coming from Taiwan, China. So much for Taiwan's current president (sometimes known as the Phony Pony) bragging claims that his flexible diplomacy is working. The GIO has done their usual ineffectual protest; some see this as almost a game that they must go through to at least cover the President's bragging.

As for Taiwanese, they continue to see through the bragging Ma and again realize that the voices that echo even in the Legislative Yuan are right. It is time to "Dump Ma to Save Taiwan." There is only so much humiliation that can be tolerated under a "Persian Cat" that brags on and on.