Taiwan's Dignity Takes a Worse Hit as its Persian Cat President Brags On

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Thursday August 25, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

For the Taiwanese film "Seediq Bale" to be given shoddy treatment by the People's Republic of China at the Venice Film Festival can be considered standard fare in the public arena. It is bad enough for the people of Taiwan to have to bear such insults. It is worse of course that Taiwan's Persian Cat President brags that his flexible policy is working as he seems to be giving the farm away. What is more serious is that the sycophants and yes men that work for the president apparently feel they should be active in giving the farm away. Case in point is the Chinese spy Ko-suen "Bill" Moo whom they let get away.

Moo had been caught attempting to sell US military weapons, the F-16 engine, and other items to China. He did time in a US federal prison and was then being extradited to Taiwan for investigation and punishment here. He was delivered to Taipei, and then all of a sudden the Persian Cats followers seemed to lose him? What is that?? Could they simply not take a man handed over to them in their own territory. Ma's flexible diplomacy is proving to have more holes than the proverbial sieve. Yet the Persian Cat brags on.