Ma Ying-jeou Throws Chou Hsi-Wei a Bone.

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Sunday December 19, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

The Phony Pony was once again in his element of waxing eloquent on trivia, non-sequiturs and BS. As loyal KMT puppy, Chou Hsi-wei, was set to leave his post as County Commissioner, Ma was there to throw him a bone by praising him for his alleged job well done, vision etc. etc. For those who know the incompetent Chou, it was all veneer and the questions that could be directed at Ma were some that even an elementary child would ask.

Straightforward, if Chou Hsi-wei had been such a great Commissioner, why did he have consistently low approval ratings from the citizens he served, especially after they had elected him by a wide margin? What had he actually accomplished if anything? And again, more obvious, if Chou was such a great Commissioner, why did the KMT choose Eric Chu to run in his place instead of having the great Chou run for re-election?

So the world turns in Taiwan. As Ma threw a bone of undeserved praise to Chou, most wondered would Ma also give him a cushy position in his Cabinet for his loyal incompetence?