The USA, China, and North Korea, Tales of the Weird

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Friday December 17, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

As the world turns in Asia, we once again find China invoking Tales of the Weird to defend its actions. Examine the recent past. North Korea has sunk a South Korean ship killing near half of its crew. Then North Korea shelled a South Korean island, again killing South Koreans. North Korea continues to build up its nuclear program, indicating that as a rogue state it wants more dangerous capabilities. North Korea is propped up and supported by China, so what does China do? China has the gall to suggest that the US help in defusing the situation that China helped create.

In the past decade, or even decades, China has done squat as far making its puppet, North Korea a responsible player in the region. If anything else, China has used North Korea as a bargaining chip for getting concessions from its other neighbors and the USA. Yet China wants everyone else to pitch in and lessen the tension that it has supported and manipulated for its advantage.

Tales of the Weird? North Korea is certainly playing China in this as well as China is using North Korea. Neither are responsible players in Asia, but somehow it is the responsibility of the neighbors to solve this mutual symbiotic manipulation. Business as usual with China and its one-sided view of entitlement. Go figure.