Taiwan as the World Turns, Ma Ying-jeou Shuns Responsibility to Nation

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Thursday December 23, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

It was another strange week in Taiwan. Chen Yunlin, the "Class C" (some even call him a Class Q) politician from China was here and the Ma government's growing desperation to have something to show after two and a half years was evident. Ma's people continued to fawn over Chen like he was a head of state. For Chen, coming to Taiwan has certainly saved Chen's lackluster career; the man who looks like an old greased-up Brill Creme ad was all smiles in appreciation.

Ma again went overboard in sending out the police to muzzle the freedom of speech of Taiwan citizens. This time to hide their visibility, more police were dressed in plainclothes to intimidate the protesters. This brought back memories of the police and government tactics of the Kaohsiung Incident; photographers caught them in the act.

In a totally different arena, though Ma has relinquished Taiwan's right to petition to the United Nations (UN), Taiwan was getting support from the strangest places. In a recent poll, more and more Hong Kong residents (now 42 per cent and approaching 50 per cent) support Taiwan's right to be rejoin the UN. It is strange indeed that while Taiwan's president continues his crayfish actions, those under China's autocratic rule are more bold in standing up for Taiwan and its rights. So the world turns in Taiwan.