2013 - 3rd Quarter

Hong Kong 16 Years Later: One Country, One Dictator, and Not Even Close to Two Systems

Thursday July 04

The people of Hong Kong celebrated their takeover by China (1997) with yet another protest and call for democracy. The day when the PRC began its "one country-two systems" takeover seems ages ago; the promises of democracy in twenty years seemed no closer to realization as well. As a matter of fact the Hong Kong experience has been the opposite. ...

Taiwan as the World Turns: are the KMT Minister of Interior and the Police on the Same Page?

Tuesday July 02

In a bizarre example of "goof ups" or blatent support and working together between Ma Ying-jeou's Ministry of Interior and criminals, Taiwan witnessed the return of Chang An-le, aka the "White Wolf," a man who was one of the nation's 10 most wanted fugitives. ...