Taiwan as the World Turns: are the KMT Minister of Interior and the Police on the Same Page?

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Tuesday July 02, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

In a bizarre example of "goof ups" or blatent support and working together between Ma Ying-jeou's Ministry of Interior and criminals, Taiwan witnessed the return of Chang An-le, aka the "White Wolf," a man who was one of the nation's 10 most wanted fugitives.

Chang An-le is alleged to be the man who assigned the hit men to kill Henry Liu in the USA back in the early 80s--a clear example of the KMT and the criminal Bamboo Union working hand in hand in the past. So what happened on the return of this man who is one of the 10 most wanted fugitives.

At first it seemed like it would be the shootout at the OK Corral as 600 police were sent to Taoyuan Airport for Chang's arrival. With such numbers, it would seem that the police were expecting Bamboo Union gang members to storm the airport, guns blazing, and whisk Chang to safety.

Instead, Chang was placed in cuffs but allowed to cover the hand cuffs up with a pro unifiction pamphlet he had brought (something every Bamboo Union gang member carries??) When the police tried to take it away, Chang raised more questions when he said, "Didn't we agree on this?" Agree?? Who is making deals here? And is this the reason for Chang's return?

Shortly after being led away in cuffs, Chang was released on bail, which added another question--if he is going to get out in 4 hours for a paltry bale of US$34,100, why have 600 cops at the airport??

So now what? We have one of the nation's 10 most wanted criminals out on bail, a man who had been on the run for ages and hiding in China??

Is this why he was brought home? to campaign for Ma Ying-jeou's goal of unifying Taiwan with China? Is this what Chang meant by saying. "Didn't we agree on this?"

From all that has happened it seemed obvious that the KMT and the Bamboo Union continue to be partners in something, and it is not for the good of Taiwan.