Taiwan's Wang Chien-ming Signs a Contract to Return to the Yankees

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Monday March 25, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Take a step away from politics and other matters Taiwan, and celebrate native son Wang Chien-ming's return to the Yankee establishment. Wang had recently had two strong outings of six shutout innings over both Australia and Japan in the World Baseball Classic; and he may have been able to go more, but the rules would only allow each pitcher to a maximum of 80 pitches a game. For Wang, that would be about 4.5 pitches a batter--not bad.

Wang returns to the Yankees under a minor league contract; there are many details to the contract but it starts at a monthly salary of U$30,000 with all sorts of bonuses for performance etc. Let's see, even six months at US$30,000 a month would be US$180,000--not bad as a starting salary for a half years work. And with all the bonuses and a call up to the majors, it would go into the millions. Always good to see a Taiwanese native son doing well.