Wu Li-pei Takes Taiwan's Dinosaur Prosecutors and Judges to Court

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Sunday March 24, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Taiwan got its full democracy in 1996 when all eligible Taiwanese were allowed to elect their president. However, that did not solve the nation's problems nor resolve the many challenges that remain. Among these challenges is how to rectify the problem of dinosaur judges and prosecutors from the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) one-party state era where the KMT not only used the police force and military police to carry out its whims, but it also used the court system to punish any opposition that escaped the police and Garrison Command.

These dinosaur judges and prosecutors remain in position and were among those applying a double standard of justice in the prosecution of Chen Shui-bian. In effect these "dinosaurs" could still carry out the political persecution of the KMT even in a democratic state.

One of the many people who suffered from the trumped up accusations and shenanigans of such has been Wu Li-pei (a former presidential advisor and the founder of Formosa Foundation) is one who was continually harassed even after he had been found innocent of their corruption allegations. Wu has stated that enough is enough; he has had to spend both money and time in defending himself such harassment; it is time to begin to either get rid of these dinosaurs and/or take them to task for their bias and double standards. He is suing those responsible for injustices dealt him.

This case is just taking legs. keep tuned. Perhaps justice will finally come to Taiwan in this and many similar cases.