Media Control and Other Increasing Taiwan Problems

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Wednesday December 05, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Scroll back down to September 7 where I had looked at what was the next big protest to happen in Taiwan; at that time Media groups and citizens were protesting the WantWant takeover of media. Concern over control of the media has continued to be a major issue and recently student groups have been the spearpoint in challenging the government's seeming lack of concern over media monopolization--particularly when the monopolization seems to be led by groups with strong pro-China interests.

This has blossomed and the Minister of Education Chiang Wei-ling by asking universities to take student's names, has weighed in with what appears to be a harkening back to the White Terror control tactics of the KMT's one-party state days.

The Minister later tried to weasel out of his original statement, claiming his motivation was prompted by concern for student health as they were protesting during the rain. This washed with no one, except the most loyal of government toadies. This one is taking legs; stay tuned.

A second protest, related to this but expanding further is the upcoming DPP protests that look to be scheduled on December 16, 22, and 29; these will cover a wide range of national problems where the nation is floundering under the lack of leadership of Ma Ying-jeou. Reminiscent of the December 10, 1979 Human Rights Day protest that led to the Kaohsiung Incident, this also is expanding.

The Christmas Season may be approaching, but the spirit of giving in the upcoming days is not going to be that charitable.