Taiwan's Double Standard of Justice Remains from the KMT One-party State days

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Tuesday March 06, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Once again Taiwanese were reminded of the double standard of justice or perhaps lack of justice in the country despite the mouthings of the current president that he has brought justice. In 1997, an air force serviceman Chiang Kuo-ching was wrongly tried and wrongly executed for the rape and murder of...ear old girl.

In a posthumous retrial it was found that Chiang's military confession was coerced and that he was innocent but that the military had wanted a quick trial and a guilty verdict in hopes of putting a scandal involving the military away with a semblance of justice. This hasty trial then brought service awards and accolades to some 23 plus military personnel involved in the case.

Now with the retrial pronouncing Chiang's innocence the shoe is on the other foot and the military's false claiming of accolades and awards as well as the cover up have been exposed. So what justice was brought?

We have one dead serviceman Chiang Kuo-ching cut down in the prime of his youth (21 years old); we have a Taiwanese family bereft of their son. Then we have the Taiwanese taxpayers having to foot the bill for retribution money to the family of Chiang but what about the military that caused this injustice, cover up and subsequent mess?

Lo and behold those who had gotten awards and accolades were given punishments ranging from one minor demerit to two major demerits. Is that justice? While the public had to foot the bill for their wrongful accusation and forced confession as well as their cover up; and a family lost their son in scandal and shame, all that the military got were demerits.

The final kicker is that none of these demerits for such crimes will not cause them to lose any money out of their pockets; and the three retired generals pensions will not be affected; that is all.

The sad effects of the one-party state rule and martial law days of the KMT still linger on in Taiwan. And once again justice has not been served.