Ma Ying-jeou, the Phony Pony President of Taiwan, Caves Again!

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Friday March 02, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Did I call it, or did I call it? Scroll back down on the listings to February 3rd when I predicted that the Ma government would waffle on the US beef issue. Even now, before the perfunctory excuses and "proper examination" of the appropriate health departments have even started, US beef is already coming into the country. One wonders how anyone can believe anything that comes out of the Ma government.

Just like ECFA was slipped past without any proper examination by the Legislative Yuan, so now the whole beef issue has proven to be a lot of government fakery and smoke and mirrors.

US beef is already coming into the country, even before the proper aforetold examinations would begin. Look back, on January 31, I raised the question of whether the Ma government would waffle in its normal way, and on February 3rd I made the prediction that they would. So here it is March 2nd, and not just waffling but a cave in has begun. Ironically at the same time the health department is just beginning its task of debating this. Is there anyone who still does not know how Ma the phony pony got his name??