Taiwan Elections: Chiu Yi Bites the Dust But His Braying Is Not Gone

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Tuesday January 17, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Probably one of the most satisfying results of Taiwan's January 14 elections was the defeat of Chiu Yi as he ran for the legislature. Chiu Yi is best known by many as the KMT's attack dog and scavenger jackal who used the immunity of his previous Legislative Yuan position to spread all sorts of accusations, lies (?) and innuendos under the guise of being concerned about?? Aside from loving the limelight, just what has Chiu Yi been concerned about?

For those that had hoped to finally be spared listening to his braying, I am afraid that is not in the immediate cards. It appears that Chiu Yi has been offered a position on one of the KMT sponsored TV channels.

There is one consolation in all of this however; when he was a legislator (a legislator-at-large position he had gotten for party loyalty)he had legislative immunity from any slanders and lies as long as he could frame them as inquiries. Even with that he was sued for libel and other crimes. Now without that immunity, many are hoping someone will sue the socks off of him and perhaps the station that hired him. So turns the world in Taiwan.