Taiwan: Some Post 2012 Election Observations

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Tuesday January 17, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

  1. For one, the DPP is back in the game; (almost at the position it had 2004) and Ma with all his advantages of 2008 failed in bringing the Taiwanese to heel.
  2. Ma and the KMT did not get a victory; they won the election but that is all. At best Taiwan chose a holding pattern--why? everyone will have their own answer.
  3. The ball will now be in the court of those that want to take it and can best assess the situation where we are now.
  4. Anyone who tries to twist things and say Ma got a mandate is in my mind a fool with wishful thinking. More to come on this.
  5. There is satisfaction that we won't have to listen to the braying of Chiu Yi in the LY. (though he does have a tv slot now) and he no longer has legislative immunity for his innuendos, lies etc. I hope someone sues the socks off him.
  6. Despite all the pressure from the US, from China, the KMT monied media etc. that Taiwan and everyone should buy into the "let's all go along with the great manufacturing machine China because we are too dumb to think of other ways to stimulate the economy" message, Taiwan voters instead chose a holding pattern. That to me is a good sign.
  7. Tsai Ing-wen should be given a lot of credit for the above; instead of trying to ask what else she should have done, people should ask why have Taiwanese settled for a holding pattern.
  8. Ma was not up to the game when he had all the advantages of 2008; he will not be up to the game in 2012. Be prepared for more excuses from Ma's team.