As the WorldTurns: Taiwan, China and the World of Control Freaks

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Monday December 12, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

There is nothing like being on one's home course. After being behind in the opening rounds, Taiwan's Yani Tseng came from behind and in the final round shot a four-under 68 to win the Swinging Skirts TLPGA Invitational in Taiwan yesterday. It was a brilliant finish to a brilliant year and in cold, chilly, and rainy weather. Good for her.

On the other hand, in that country on the other side of the Taiwan Strait, stranger things were happening. The residents of Hong Kong in a survey said that they had more positive feelings toward Taiwanese than they did for the people from Macau and China. 49 per cent felt positive towards Taiwan, 44 per cent felt positive towards Macau only 23 per cent felt positive towards Chinese. That is a low vote fans. Guess the boys from Beijing better go back to the drawing boards. Of course the Hong Kong people are a bit picky; only 53 per cent felt they liked their fellow Hong Kongese. Maybe they should consider joining Taiwan instead of China.

Of course there is good reason for people disliking the control freaks in Beijing. Remember they are the ones that always complain that other people should not meddle in their internal affairs. Well they are at it again. They still complain that they have problems with Norway since they gave the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo. (Ahh isn't that meddling in the internal affairs of Norway?)

Anyway, the boys in Beijing are saying that Norway made the wrong decision. That's nice. Father knows best, and China thinks that it is the father of the world and everyone should listen to it. So there it is Norway, admit that you made the wrong decision; and just like China wants to tell all religions who they should appoint as their religious leaders, so it wants to tell the Nobel Prize Committee who they should pick for their prizes.

Ahh, someone refresh me, who did China give the Confucius Peace Prize to again???