Taiwan's Elections as the World Turns, Promises, Promises

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Friday December 02, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Trying to explain why Ma did not deliver on or reach his touted 6-3-3, the Economic Planning and Development Minister Christina Liu told the legislature that with four years of a strong domestic demand, Taiwan's per capita income could, (note she said "could")reach the desired US$30,000 in four years. She of course failed to say that it "could" continue to tank as well.

Liu then added that strong domestic growth rather than a focus on export growth "could" help Taiwan achieve this goal in four years. So then, why did Ma focus on export growth in his failed first four years??? Liu did not seem prepared to answer that one.

But it is election time, so a lot of "could's" are floating in the air. Unfortunately the GDP projections for the next year are less than was anticipated and the forecasts are that will remain the same the following year. Still Ma "could" reach the goal he set for his first four years and then changed to his last eight years. The GDP "could" do an about face, but then it also "could not." For any sceptics, pigs "could" also fly before Ma gets voted out of office.