"Dump Ma to Save Taiwan," Why These Words Are Gaining Momentum I

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Friday October 28, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

As the January elections approach, more and more Taiwanese are beginning to listen to what Lee Teng-hui had said some time ago. "It is time to dump Ma to save Taiwan." Dump Ma? Yes that is what was said, but why.

Well first of all, Taiwanese need to examine just what Taiwan has become under the man who more and more are calling the "phony pony." Take for example how Ma keeps pushing China as the only way he can think of trying to salvage his failed forecast of 6-3-3. In Ma's efforts to cozy up to China, National Taiwan University (NTU) has stopped using the word National when it holds joint conferences with Chinese schools and/or cooperates on academic work.

We are not talking about some podunk school that may be desperate for students to save its failing financial situation; we are talking about the nation's top National University. What kind of country do we have if the top school follows the phony pony's lead in groveling before China. Has NTU become that desperate that it has to go begging?

Then recently under Ma's so-called touted ECFA where a few rich profit and which Ma rushed through without any proper examination by the Legislative Yuan, we now find China shipping over "toxic chrysanthemums" to be sold in Taiwan. Will they ship their toxic milk next?

Taiwanese should buy local where farmers obey the regulations on the use of pesticide. Fortunately the Department of Health gave orders that the toxic flowers from China be destroyed, but the question remains, is this the kind of Taiwan that we want where our top university has to hide its national identity and where the people are fed toxic goods from China?