Yani Tseng, a Woman Unafraid to say She is Taiwanese

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Sunday October 23, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

The world's number one woman golfer, Yani Tseng, recently won her 12th LPGA at Sunrise Golf Course in Taiwan. Winning #12 was good, but winning before a home crowd was even better. This victory was particularly sweet not only for her but also for all Taiwanese who were conscious of the fact that Ms. Tseng had been offered some US$10 million dollars in the past to change her nationality from Taiwanese to Chinese.

Thanks, but no thanks was Ms. Tseng's reply, even though her recent tour-leading winnings were well below that. To date, she has won some US$ 2,873,629 million dollars. But as China should begin to recognize, there are Taiwanese that cannot be bought; they consider themselves Taiwanese and not Chinese; that is something the world needs to become cognizant of as well, as many seem unable to make the distinction between these two countries.