Taiwan, as the World Turns, September 2011, Shih Ming-teh Cries the Blues

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Friday September 16, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Taiwan has its own list of past politicians and wannebe stars who once they have been in the limelight will do anything (including selling their soul) to get back in. Shih Ming-teh is one of those and this past week he was out trying to find a way to keep his options open. Shih was pushing for a relaxation of the election law which makes it costly to register as we mentioned early was one of Ellen Huang's problems.

First there is the money, some US$ 3 plus million to register along with deposit. Even China, which inside sources reveal has backed Shih in the past, would find it hard to cough up this amount just to satisfy Shih's desire to again be in the limelight. But if Shih promises to tout their line they might come up with this spare change.

It was however, the other requirement, getting approximately 260,000 signatures, that was the real issue for Shih. As a man who has not had a job in a decade or so, Shih has lived quite well; for that reason perhaps he has confidence he could get the money from the pan-blue side or China. Mouthing some of their ideas would be no problem for him. But the signatures, there is the rub.

The last couple of times Shih ran for office, even as mayor, he had trouble even getting one per cent of the vote. Obviously not that many Taiwanese would want to be associated with signing to give him a stage. Money can be given secretly, but signatures puts the signee on the spot.

Perhaps Shih should consider writing a book. He could write about how to sell one's soul to the highest bidder and live without a job; or how to play both sides of the political game to one's advantage. There are many topics available. But for the public, at least we are spared in having to listen to what he would allegedly do if he were elected president.