It Costs to Run for President in Taiwan

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Thursday September 15, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

While Taiwanese wait to see what James Soong will do vis-a-vis running for President, (remember my recommendation for him is to run as legislator at large for the PFP if he really wants to be a real player and do something for Taiwan) Ellen Huang dropped out.

Citing both the lack of the required number of signatures (260,000) and financial support (NT$ 1 million deposit and NT$15 million registration fee) Huang ended her bid to run as a candidate openly supporting the self-determination and independence of Taiwan.

Ellen Huang who is a delightful and cheery person will be missed on the campaign trail, but she will certainly be seen in her charity work for child welfare. Ellen is a regular on many TV talk shows where she exudes a refreshingly clear and year-round pro-Taiwan spirit. (Unlike a certain other not to be named today, blue candidate)