Another Product of the US Naval War College or What?

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Monday May 23, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Once again we find a US Military officer making a large gaffe in expressing his mis-speaking on how he looks forward to a "peaceful re-unification" of Taiwan and China and totally mis-interpreting the USA's "one China" policy. The case in point was Admiral Mullen USN speaking after the visit of Chinese military brass to the USA.

Such gaffes are becoming more and more common and make one want to question, "Will someone of the so-called academics at the US Military Academies and related schools like the US Naval War College teach a basic course on US Policy as seen and interpreted by the USA and not by China or any other nation.

What the USA's "one China" policy means and how it is a crucial policy that US citizens and in particular US Military should know and understand so that they don't make such ignorant gaffes like that of Admiral Mullen is going to be crucial in the next coming decades as China tries to stretch its hegemonic reach all around it. US Military Academies and the US Naval War College need a basic "US one-China Policy" course for Dummies to be taught not only the incoming officers but also all senior personnel.

Why are these mistakes so common? The answer may lie in the fact that perhaps the professors themselves do not really know the US Policy. Scroll back to the Dec, 2, 2010 entry where we found James Holmes, professor at the US Naval War College defending China's hegemony. Holmes in an article entitled "Decoding Chinese Sensitivity" tried to plead for how US citizens and Taiwanese should somehow be sympathetic to China's wanting to claim territory beyond its reach. With such type of professors like Holmes, it is no wonder that one-China gaffes will continue to be made by US Military.