KMT Corruption Still Evident; How Deep are the Police Involved in it?

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Sunday May 22, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

When will Taiwanese wake up to the numerous ways that the KMT corruption pervades the island? It has been months since the shooting of KMT Sean Lien, Lien Chan's son. The police have made no progress, or do they really want to? Are they afraid what Taiwanese will see as the ever present remains of KMT corruption?

Sean Lien was shot in the cheek just before elections. The KMT strove to make great headway by this claiming that they were one's violated when all it appears is that the shooting revealed the corrupt gangster ties of the KMT.

The police have the shooter; they have the weapon; they have a dead body of an innocent bystander; they have a video tape of the whole scene; plenty of their staff were present, so why can't they solve the case? What is lacking?

What appears to be lacking is resolve, the resolve to expose the long-standing corruption that pervades Taiwan society and the police force. (Did someone mention how Jason Hu's men in blue played mah-jong with gangsters only to have one shot under their noses while they dove for cover?)

After making political mileage out of the shooting on claiming that they were outraged at the shooting; now the KMT try to pretend it never happened. Why the lack of resolve on all parts?

At issue is the fact as to which KMT personage was the target in a gangster deal gone wrong. Was it Sean Lien? or the KMT candidate he was stumping for and who was also on the stage?

It appears that the KMT does not want this one solved, because either way, it reveals how one of their own was in thick with the gangsters. After getting self-righteous political mileage from it, best to pretend it never happened and let the gullible Taiwanese move on to the next topic. When will Taiwan get some honest police who don't just bow to the KMT on their force?