Breaking News, KMT Secretary General King Pu-tsung Resigns

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Tuesday January 18, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

There apparently is trouble in River City folks as today, KMT Secretary General and chief snake-oil salesman King Pu-tsung resigned without any advance warning, and right after he had admonished a couple of KMT regulars for not being good soldiers. There is certainly more to this that will come out in the coming days; it all depends on how much dirty laundry the KMT and its cohorts will reveal.

King's move came as a shock to most since he was brought in to make Ma Ying-jeou look good and cover up for any of Ma's incompetencies etc.. But here with a bare year before the 2012 elections, the man resigns.

It has been apparent that within the KMT ranks not everyone was happy with King's attempts to bring the KMT back into a one-party state mode where the man at the top (Ma) would dictate things and all would hop in step. Under King, Ma's regime was trying to pressure the media, to pressure the courts, to pressure most everyone that did not go along with Ma's wishes. Ma doesn't know how to deal with conflict resolution and discussions where more than one point of view is advanced. King was Ma's hatchet man, but it appears that he riled not only the opposition party and local citizens, but his ham-handed tactics also disturbed some KMT party members.

Ma had always counted on King finding someone to blame for Ma's inadequacies but now that King the Knife is gone, who can he rely on??