It is Time to Rid Taiwan or the Many Vestiges of the KMT's One Party State

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Monday January 17, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

In today's world, I know of no investment fund, insurance policies, trust funds or investment brokers that will guarantee their clients a guaranteed 18.5 percent interest income for a year, let alone for life. Yet this is what Taiwan is saddled with from the KMT's one-party state days. It is time for everyone to face up to not only this burden on all the tax-payers of Taiwan, but also to examine carefully how many of the injustices and privileges of the KMT one-party state days still exist in the country.

The bottom line is that a guarantee of 18.5 percent interest income is not sustainable in today's world for any one.

As was said before, this was one of the perks that the KMT bought and controlled the loyalty of the military, the teachers, and the government bureaucrats when it controlled a one-party state and could shift funds around to profit not only themselves but also their lackeys.

The public should examine this closely and realize how long the KMT was allowed to get away with this as well as many other crimes. If Taiwanese have any sense for their country's progress, they must bite the bullet and realize that the KMT has been ripping them off for more than a half a century.

The stolen state assets are one of many other examples. The KMT is finally selling off all of its illegally owned state assets; but the hook again for those Taiwanese who may not realize it, is that as the KMT sells off the assets it has always kept the money.

Wake up Taiwan; if someone steals your car and sells it and keeps the cash, they should not be exonerated. They not only steal but they operate on a black market. This is over a half century of KMT rule. Wake up Taiwan. Don't be distracted by whether Tsai Ing-wen and other government officials have profited; look to who set the system up and why. Look to the fact that the country cannot sustain such for the future.