Sean Lien's Shooting: How Many KMT Are in Bed with Gangsters?

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Saturday January 01, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) filed three lawsuits contesting the KMT victories in the elections of the mayors of Taipei City, New Taipei City and Greater Taichung. Did the shooting of Sean Lien by an alleged gangster influence the results of those elections? That is the question of the lawsuits, but there is a deeper question. Who and how many KMT government officials continue to be in bed with gangsters in Taiwan? This is what it appears to be that the police (several of whom are also in bed with gangsters reference the past shootings in Taichung)are trying to slow the investigation and cover up.

This is what the public should demand results on from the police. This is what the KMT and some police want to hide.

It is certainly strange that over a month from the shooting nothing has been revealed. This is a shooting where the shooter was caught, where video cameras captured the action, where the weapon is in hand, and where the shooter stated that he was really after the KMT candidate over a deal gone bad. So why are the police unable or unwilling to reveal the truth?

This question remains which or how many KMT politicos are in bed with the gangsters and how many police are also in the same bed?

As for the voters if they were suckered in by the KMT distractions and claims as to sympathetically vote for KMT candidates because of these shooting, then they are to blame for the corruption that continues in Taiwan.