Lee Teng-hui: One More Reason Why Ma is Called Ma Ying-joke

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Monday December 27, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Lee Teng-hui added his voice to the many and growing consensus of why Taiwan's president Ma Ying-jeou is called Ma Ying-joke. Ma continues to live in his fantasy lah-lah land and yet none of the sycophants surrounding him has the courage to tell the emperor that he has no clothes and/or tell the horse that his face is too long. The recent issue again is Ma's fantasy on the bogus Consensus of 1992.

Lee was president at the time and he says there never was any consensus. The late Koo Chen-fu who was chairman of the Straits Exchange Foundation that held talks with China at the time denied there was ever a consensus. China has never acknowledged that there was a consensus. And finally Su Chi admits that he made the the whole thing up in 2000. But yet Ma Ying-joke insists on saying there was consensus. Not only that, but Ma had the gall to insist that DPP Chairwoman Tsai Ing-wen agree to this bogus consensus.

Does anyone believe Ma? Is there no one in the KMT that can break the news and get him out of his fantasy? Perhaps there may be a few "useful idiots" in the US State Department who want to legitimize their backing of the wrong horse; they may want to confirm Ma, but really. Despite reality, Ma continues to insist that the 1992 Consensus is the "bedrock" of his foreign policy. Isn't it time to get worried? If Taiwan continues to put up with and/or listen to such a flim-flam leader, the only joke is that which will be on them.