Monkey Chasers Wanted: Must be 45 or Older

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Saturday October 09, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Every so often something strange and amusing comes up in the papers. Last week there was the announcement by the Kaohsiung City Government that it was looking for some good money-chasers. Unusual to be sure, but in a tight job market who would not at least give it a second look.

The job pays some US$500 a month and the employees would have two tasks; one to keep people from feeding the monkeys in the area so that they don't get accustomed to thinking that food from humans is theirs for the taking and so invade homes. The second would be to also chase any obnoxious monkeys away. I guess there can be worse jobs.

But the other requirement of being 45 or older raises questions. Are 45 year olds or more better at chasing monkeys? Do they have more experience? Is this a reserved position for those who have a tougher time in the current job market? Regardless, I post this so that any of my retired friends who still want to be in the game can consider it.