David Wu, US Congressman from Oregon Sucks up to China

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Saturday October 02, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

You can tell a Congressman's re-election campaign is in deep trouble when he has to openly suck up to China. On September 28, David Wu, Congressman from Oregon waded into a deep morass that he did not need to, unless he was desperate. But that appears to be the situation. Wu called a Press Conference on Sept. 28 to say contrary to US Policy, that the Diaoyutai Islands belong to China.

For those that do not recognize the name Diayutai Islands, they are a bunch of rocks that happen to be in the sea; they are valuable only because it is suspected that there are deposits of oil and gas and therefore money to be made; for that reason they are claimed by China, Japan, and Taiwan (the Republic of China). The islands had been basically ignored and/or batted back and forth with little concern until that issue of money to be made came up.

Fair enough, any government should try to claim such if there is an outside chance that they can get some extra dollars.

But the big question is, why did David Wu of Oregon feel obligated to make not just a statement on this controversial and disputed topic. But, why did David Wu feel obligated to make not just a statement, but one that favors China. Desperate? In need of something real bad? You be the judge.