2023 - 2th Quarter

Taiwan: the Elephant in the Room

Monday, June 19

More than 75 years have passed since the end of World War II hostilities in the Pacific (August 1945), and 70 years since the San Francisco Peace Treaty formally concluded that war in April 1952. ...

Taiwan, China, and that Pesky San Francisco Peace Treaty

Monday, May 1

Dictators and wanna-be empire-builders often use a nuanced rhetoric to justify aggression. Russian president Vladimir Putin justifies his attack on Ukraine by saying that he needs to “save it” though it is uncertain what he is saving it from. China, similarly, resorts to rhetoric to justify its hegemonic claims to Taiwan. ...

Occam’s Razor Relevant to Taiwan

Thursday, April 27

Looking to the future and next year’s presidential elections, it’s a good time for Taiwanese to take stock of their democracy. ...