2022 - 1th Quarter

Biden Debunks the ‘1992 consensus’

Saturday, March 19

With Russia’s invasion of Ukraine compounding the fallout of the COVID- 19 pandemic, most world leaders are not in an optimistic mood as they face days of turmoil and economic stress. ...

Taiwan: Irredentism and Self-determination

Thursday, March 3

As Russia continues its incursions into Ukraine and lays claim to larger and larger parts of that nation, pundits continue to raise and use the words “irredentism” and “revanchism.” ...

Presidential New Year’s Resolutions for Tsai Ing-wen

Saturday, February 12

The New Year has passed and by tradition most people have already made their New Year’s Resolutions listing what they wish to accomplish in the coming year.


The KMT Cannot Accept Democracy

Wednesday, January 19

The start of any new year is always a good time for introspection, reflection, and resolutions. This advice is appropriate for all; in Taiwan, it should clearly be heeded by the Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT), which continues to have its share of troubles. As a matter of fact, the KMT has had so many in the last decade, that it almost seems to revel in them with the celebration of each New Year. ...