2020 - 1st Quarter

Taiwan’s Imagined Community and its Democracy

Monday March 09

A poll conducted by Focus Survey Research has found that a 83.2 percent of Taiwanese see themselves as strictly Taiwanese. 6.7 percent see themselves as both Taiwanese and Chinese, and 5.3 percent identify as only Chinese. The remainder had no opinion or declined to respond. ...

Ending the “1992 Consensus” Once and for All

Wednesday February 19

The Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) is preparing to choose a new chairperson in March, 2020. As this takes place, the younger members are also calling for party reform and, shall we say, party rebranding. ...

Déjà vu and the KMT after the 2020 Elections

Wednesday February 5

As someone who has lived in Taiwan and closely followed and written about its democracy for the past three decades, I must admit that overall, I was pleased with the Jan. 11 election results. ...