Taiwan/Philippine Row Continues, Ma Again Caught by "One China" Stanc

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Wednesday May 15, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

As the row over the death of a Taiwanese fisherman, shot by a Philippine vessel continues, Taiwan finds that Ma Ying-jeou's "let's pretend we"re all One China shell game" has proven to boomerang on the nation. It is basically, a situation of "what goes around, come's around."

Ma has always tried to keep a foot in each of two boats by saying that there is One China but with two different interpretations. And so, the Philippines is saying, if that is the case, then we will take the interpretation of the PRC and only deal with them. Sorry, better luck next time.

Those with a memory will recall that two years ago the Philippines had caught numerous people (including 14 Taiwanese) in a fraud case along with some Chinese. In that case, they shipped the Taiwanese off to China, invoking the One China principle. There was an uproar then, but since it treated criminals, it did not get legs. Now however, we have the death of a Taiwanese fisherman.

In a situation where the rubber meets the road, Ma's One China, two interpretations principle once again is dropping like a lead balloon. The Philppines are calling his bluff and he has nothing to stand on. Reality does bite, and Taiwanese suffer.