The KMT Adminstration Again Deals with Chen Shui-bian Secretly

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Monday April 22, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

It was in the still of the night and without notifying family members or anyone else, the KMT government secretly moved Chen Shui-bian to the prison hospital at Pei-te, Taichung. The judge was changed without notice in the past so that they could get a judge more likely to put Chen in prison; Chen's discussions with his lawyers were illegally monitored in the past, the main witness for the prosecution claims that that prosecution offered him a deal to give testimony that they wanted to hear. And now this.

Failing to root out corruption in their own party, the KMT and Ma Ying-jeou have used the selective persecution of Chen Shui-bian to try to create the image that they are anti-corruption. Those that know how to read between the lines know differently. It seems that they want to see the man that caused them to lose the presidency for two elections, die in prison.