Taiwan Prepares to March this Weekend and Many Issues are Involved

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Friday March 08, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

While Taiwan's baseball team is playing well--not always winning, but playing well--the citizens are preparing to march this weekend.

The weather is good and the issues are pertinent. On Saturday there will be an anti-nuclear march. This march involves both the issue of nuclear power and how safe it is for Taiwan, especially as regards the past treatment of nuclear waste by Taipower, and the unusual fact that for political reasons it has stopped sending it to North Korea, thereby drawing an unusual lawsuit from that country. But there are other issues such as the high bar on referendums and even absentee voting--issues that have strong repercussions in other matters in addition to the seriousness of the nuclear question.

On Sunday, there is the issue of Tibet and how much international support Taiwan will show for the beleaguered people there. We will note how many turn out. As was said, the weather is good, so . . . stay tuned.