Finally! the Control Yuan Has OK's the report on the "flaws" in the Care of Former President Chen Shui-bian

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Saturday February 23, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

There were many "flaws" in the trial and prosecution of Taiwan's former President Chen Shui-bian. Most notable was that the prosecutors would not allow him to meet privately with his lawyers to plan his defense. They did not allow it until Taiwan's Supreme Court said that it was out and out illegal; even after that declaration was given, they still blocked a private meeting until the court order officially worked its way down to be put in writing--a process that took over a month. The numerous other flaws I have written about earlier.

So now it is no surprise that again there are "flaws" in the handling of his jail sentence and what appears to be an attempt to not only make him suffer but potentially to bring about an early death for him. The trial and conviction has not been about corruption in a country where the current President got off scot-free despite the fact that his secretary put approximately a half a million US$ in his bank account; the excuse given was that it was "without his knowledge."

No Chen's trial and persecution are not so much about corruption but about what Chen has represented for Taiwan.