Premier Sean Chen Barely Lasts One Year

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Sunday February 03, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Premier Sean Chen, one of Ma's appointees did the honorable thing and fell on his sword for Ma Ying-jeou. I had predicted that he would not last a year; I was wrong, he lasted a year and a month?? Sean Chen had a thankless job; he had to implement Ma's policies without having much control over stating what they should be. Basically it is being given the responsibility for a job, but not the power to change and establish policies. It was one of those jobs where people make a betting pool on how long he would last.

The Presidential Office came out and praised Chen for his expertise and leadership in implementing government policies?? Say what?? Since the country has been going to hell in the proverbial hand basket that is not the kind of leadership praise one likes to hear and as regards the policies?? is that why Ma's approval rating remains at around 13 per cent??

The old reliable excuse of having to retire for health reasons was then put forth. With such a thankless job of having to implement Ma policies, we should be more surprised that he survived a year.

Regardless, Vice Premier Jiang Yi-huah replaced him. Some are saying that Jiang could be a strong contender to run for President in 2016. My thoughts? Let Jiang show he can survive more than one year before you consider such musings. Especially since Jiang is not that strong on policy making, and Ma's policies to date have been the death knell of four Premiers before Jiang.