Taiwan as the World Turns: Diaoyutais/Senkakus Madness

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Thursday January 24, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Recently, a group of shall we say "crazies" or "fanatics" chartered a ship to go from Shenao Port (New Taipei City) to place a statue of Matsu on the uninhabited Diaoyutais/Senkaku Islands--the same ones contested by Taiwan, Japan, and China. All well and good, if such types feel the need to do so and that it would make an unofficial statement by them as they try to claim Taiwan's sovereignty over the islands.

The craziness continues however when one discovers that four Taiwanese Coast Guard Administration (CGA) vessels accompanied the ship. For what reason?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) claimed it was a voluntary action by private citizens and should in no way affect Taiwan-Japanese fishing talks. OK, but if it was a voluntary action by private citizens, then why did Taiwan's Coast Guard accompany them? Does the CGA accompany every private venture away from the island??

There is a disconnect here; and any sane person would ask why was the CGA there in the first place?? Of course the ships were met by eight Japanese Coast Guard and another water cannon war ensued. It then appeared that Beijing was not to be outdone and three of their surveillance ships followed causing Taiwan to say they were not in collusion with the Taiwan ships. So the world turns.