Ma's Next Promise--He Will Keep the Labor Pension Fund Afloat. How?

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Thursday January 03, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Close on the heels of his New year's promises comes Ma's next promise. #2 for this year's record. As Ma's Premier approves substantial bonuses for the state run businesses, Ma is promising he will turn things around. For those who were here last fall, Ma said that his government would do that in 3 months; that promise was made about 4 months ago, so it is no wonder that people are beginning to take their lump sum retirement benefits out of the Labor Pension Fund quicker than Ma can make a promise to keep it from going bankrupt.

Tired of Ma promises, I did say that I would keep track of promises as a new year's resolution, so mark this as #2.

Oh yes, Ma did ask for more understanding from the public because the nation is facing difficult times; has anyone started to connect the dots that the difficult times started five years ago when Ma took office? Instead of understanding, I would suggest that a better action would be that the public finally wake up and smell the coffee.