Ma the Bumbler Continues to Avoid Looking in the Mirror

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Tuesday November 20, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Taiwan continues to face an embarrassing situation. Its president, Ma Ying-jeou, continues to live in an alternate reality--one where he is the hero and everyone loves him and everything he touches turns to gold; perhaps such is the vision of reality that many born into the privileged imagine for themselves. It is similar to many of the "prince-lings" in China who have been raised with a feeling of entitlement. Unfortunately Ma's media PR can only last so long and when the smoke and mirrors illusion dissipates such an alternative universe does also.

Nonetheless, Ma's minions in the UK, have been instructed to try and juggle the books, move the statistics and show "The Economist" that his policies are working and his 13 per cent approval rating is the illusion and that everyone in Taiwan is happy????

The bumbler bumbles on, and his minions are being asked to prove that even though Taiwan now is the lowest of the four Asian Tigers, it really isn't. At a time when a real leader with a real plan would shrug off the criticism put forth in "The Economist," at a time when a real leader with a real plan and with competent people below him would move on, the bumbler simply tries to convince the world that it is in the wrong universe. It is not over, stay tuned, the media are the next to be blamed for the bumbler bumbling on.