Kaohsiung, Lee Ang, Pier 2 Art Center, "Life of Pi" and Rhythm & Hues Studios

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Friday November 09, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Citizens of Taiwan (especially those in Kaohsiung) were honored today as Lee Ang returned home for a screening of his new film, "Life of Pi" filmed primarily in Taiwan. Lee always gives back to his roots and today's ceremony was ample testimony of it.

Joining Lee Ang, was Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chu who used the occasion to dedicate Kaohsiung's new Pier 2 Art Center, a new art and exhibition center right down in Kaohsiung Harbor.

Representatives of Rhythm & Hues Studios (R & H) which collaborated with Lee Ang in the making of the film "Life of Pi" were also present at the ceremony. R & H will be building a VFX Center in the Pier 2 Art Center--and R & H will be training and providing jobs for some 200 Taiwanese in the digital arts. It is clearly a win-win situation for all involved. Stay tuned for more.