Money Still Talks in Ma Ying-jeou's Taiwan/China Relations

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Saturday November 03, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Former Tuntex Group chairman, Chen Yu-hao who had been indicted on embezzling over US$27 million dollars back in 2003; as a result, he took the natural escape and fled to China. In 2009, Ma Ying-jeou touted how his government had signed an agreement to combat crime together with the powers that be in China, so when will China repatriate Chen Yu-hao?

It seems that the Ma/China agreement is selective; crime and corruption will be fought if they do not affect some former KMT members and/or those who provide "adequate protection money" to China.

In the meantime, Chen often flaunts his wealth and protection in China by appearing at public or hosted dinners. And Ma's Minister of Justice?? Well that office has asked China to repatriate Chen in 2009, 2010, 2012 but to no avail.

Chen has joined the many other fugitives who enjoy protection from China such as former An Feng Group president Chu An-hsiung, former Kuangsan Enterprise Group president Tseng Cheng-jen and former legislative speaker Liu Sung-fan.

And China? Does it respect its agreements with Ma Ying-jeou? It seems to have become the country of choice for corrupt officials who are discovered in Taiwan. What next.