Taiwan, As the World Turns! the Sean Lien Shooting and More

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Thursday October 25, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Lin Cheng-wei, the man who shot and wounded KMT Sean Lien in 2010 has been re-sentenced to life imprisonment instead of the previous 24 years sentence; he was found guilty of attempting to murder Lien and negligent manslaughter of an innocent by-stander. All well and good, but the police have yet to come up with his motive and whether Sean Lien was the primary target.

Lien himself wants this cleared up as does the rest of Taiwan. 1) Was Lien the main target or the KMT candidate Chen Hung-yuan? 2) depending on who the target was, what was the motive? and 3) who would have hired the shooter! Not only does Sean Lien want the answers but so do the rest of all concerned citizens in Taiwan. So who is covering up? Who is holding up the investigation? Why after two years are we no closer to the truth?

The second item in the soap opera of life is that it is October 25th and President Ma promised back on September 24th that his government would show clear economic progress for the nation. Ahh, yes! Hello out there, as anyone ever wondered about Ma's habit of making promises and not keeping them?.