Taiwan vs. China, So Different in So Many Ways

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Monday September 17, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Taiwan and China are separated by a short distance across the Taiwan Strait; some of their past history is shared, some of it is not. But more important is to observe their protests,look at their focus, how they are organized and allowed and you will start to see how these two nations, one a democracy and the other a one-party controlling state and you will get into their differences.

Taiwan recently had a protest against the Want Want China Times Group because it was trying to create a media monopoly. China never protests against its State run Media monopoly and operations.

Another crucial topic is the question of who owns or has sovereignty over the Diaoyutai/Senkaku Islands. In Taiwan, a nation that dispputes sovereignty over those islands with Japan; you don't find people taking to the streets. They bear no ill will towards Japan; they will let their government sort it out.

In China you have numerous large protests with violence. They are sanctioned by the state but at the same time limited by the state because it does not want the people to get in the habit of protesting because then the Chinese might start to worry about media monopolies etc. Taiwanese have a totally different perspective and a totally different attitude towards Japan. One of the many differences between a democracy and a controlling one-party state. Stay tuned on this issue.