Taiwanese Take to the Streets Against the WantWant merger

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Monday September 03, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Scroll down to August 1 and August 12 where you see how WantWant began its attempts to monopolize the media in Taiwan. Despite editors quitting and the expressed concern of many, they have continued so the next step was to take to the streets. On Saturday, September 1, a highly successful protest was organized by the Association of Taiwan Journalists, the Campaign for Media REform, Taiwan Media Watch, the Alliance against Media Monsters and the Youth Alliance against Media. It was joined by many thousands ranging from students, concerned citizens, and participants from all walks of life.

With a lot of creative signs, T-shirts, and banners, the people of Taiwan let WantWant know that they did not appreciate their monopolistic efforts.

It was a successful protest and certainly not the final shot in this effort. The ball is going into the National Communications Commission (NCC) court and all will be waiting to see what they will do. The battle lines have been drawn; WantWant is not going to give up that easy. This is one to watch in the coming months.