China Times Loses Editors because of its Bully Attitude

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Sunday August 12, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Scroll down to August 1 where we mentioned how the Want Want China Times Group started to present its version of "bully news." Bully news means that if we don't like the real news we will re-write it till it says what we want it to, and in the process will try to bully anyone who criticizes or exposes us.

Good newsmen who believe that there should still be some integrity in news reporting oppose such tactics; as a result, two senior editors of "China Times" decided it was time to abandon the China Times Group and the news business that had been their life for over 20 years. Ho Rong-hsing, the deputy managing editor of China Times and editorial page editor Chuang Pei-chang. With them went reporter Yo Wan-chi. Yo Wan-chi did not have the length of experience of the others, but quickly saw the hand writing on the wall when the editorial team rewrote her stories to make the news come out the way that they wanted it to.

That was not all on the list. Ni Yen-yuan, the editorial page editor, took the opportunity for both early retirement and combine that with the offered position of dean of the College of Communication at Ming Chuan University. Certainly that is a way to both escape with honor as well as protect oneself from any repercussions from Tsai Eng-meng and his son whose ambitions on re-writing of the news continue to pervade the Want Want Group.

Chen Shuo-kuo, the former general manager of CtiTV, had also resigned when he saw that there was little chance of changing the new culture of re-writing the news.

Want Want Group seems to be imitating or taking its cue from the People's Republic of China where the only news that is accepted is that which is in line with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) agenda. One hopes that there are enough reporters with integrity in Taiwan to continue such resistance.