Want Want China Times Turns into a Media Bully in Taiwan

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Wednesday August 01, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

While the Olympics are going on in London, back home in Taiwan the Want Want China Times Media Group is seeking to control much of Taiwan's media by acquiring cable TV services of China Network Systems. Students and academics are protesting this. Want Want's response with its bullying tactics is proving just what the protest is about, the media being abused by corporate groups for their own end.

There is an irony involved here; Want Want China Times Group has accused others of spreading rumors about its takeover and sees this a justification for it to spread rumors about its alleged detractors.

Student protests indicating the dangers that exist if the media is allowed to be controlled by a few are further ironically countered by Want Want Group's threat of lawsuits aimed at intimidating any opposition.

The basic question asked by many in Taiwan is whether the vulnerable hen house of freedom of the press should be allowed to be "guarded" by the foxes at Want Want China Times Group. From what has happened so far and the strong arm tactics of Want Want, such questions seem well in order.